Want to protect or reserve your car parking space? Flinkpark space reservation unit was designed exactly for this purpose!

The system operates via remote control. Just by pressing the remote-control button your parking space will be accessible to you only!

What is no less important, FlinkPark protects cars as well as drivers. In fact, Flinkpark was designed to absorb the shock from vehicles impact thanks to a gas retraction system, which protects its mechanical & electronic parts as well as the vehicle’s body.

FlinkPark is available in 3 models:

  1. FlinkPark STANDARD works with batteries that can last up to 6 months. No need for power connection: just fix it on the ground and reserve your space!
  2. FlinkPark SPECIAL Technically, this model is the same as the standard version, with the option of customization in colors and messages displayed on the unit plate.
  3. FlinkPark SOLAR Thanks to a fully integrated Solar Panel, the battery charges itself during daylight. Only 1 hour of sunlight per day allow the usage of FlinkPark 10 times a day for over 1 year. The solar system is protected by 20mm deep “Plexiglass” cover that can support up to 30 tons vehicle weight.

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