Dear Valued Customers and Partners,

given the current circumstances in respect to the outbreak and spread of COVID-19, we understand that concerns about health and safety increase in all areas of our daily life.

The wellbeing of our employees and customers is on top of our priorities and we are deeply committed to keep everyone healthy and safe. Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to communicate to you some of the measures we have implemented in order to prevent and reduce the spread of the virus in our car parks and offices.

We are hereby strictly following the advice of the World Health Organization which focusses on 3 main protective measures:

  1. Washing hands frequently
  2. Avoiding touching of eyes, nose, and mouth
  3. Practicing respiratory hygiene

In accordance, we supplied hand sanitizers to all of our staff and informed them to sanitize their hands frequently. GreenParking Managers and Supervisors are monitoring this constantly and are using their daily briefings to update their teams and remind them of the protective measures that need to be followed constantly.

We are spraying all surfaces with alcohol disinfectant, i.e. all entry- and exit stations, pay machines and Operation Centres in all of our parking facilities. This applies in addition to the normal daily cleaning routine, which follows the highest and most professional cleaning standards.

Our recyclable ParkChips are of great benefit to the environment, but it also means that they are being reused twice a day on average. Therefore, we disinfect all ParkChips with a special liquid to keep them free from germs at all time.

We encourage you to generally avoid close contact to people. This also naturally applies to our car parks. We recommend that you pay at our automatic pay machines whenever you can and use contactless payment methods like credit cards or Apple/Samsung Pay, which are an integrated part of our sophisticated Parking Technology in order to reduce the handling of bank notes.

The World Health Organization does not currently recommend the use of medical masks or gloves as a protective measure against COVID-19 for the general public, but we are allowing our staff to wear these items if it provides them with more comfort.

We are closely monitoring information and instructions of respected health organizations such as WHO and DHA to stay updated on the latest official releases of information regarding the new coronavirus and protective measures to be implemented.

Please feel free to contact us should you have questions or concerns in this regard. Your well-being is of utmost important to us and all our team members at GreenParking.

Take Good Care & Kind Regards,
Sam Alawiye

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