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We are living at the time when the global oil reserves shorten at a very fast pace and demand for oil rises every year. UAE is a country with high gasoline consumption. The number of cars is increasing in the Emirati streets every single day, but the number of parking spaces is insufficient. Millions of people in the Emirates and across the globe suffer from stress associated with this problem. The situation can get even worse in shopping malls, trade centers or restaurants where people usually come to get rid of stress, not to get it.

Each day a single driver cruises more than 400 m to find a free parking space, making it more than 12 km of distance per month, which approximately equals to 1L of gasoline spent!

If it took you 5 minutes to find a parking space, your car emitted around 5 cubic meters of exhaust fumes into the atmosphere!

GreenParking doesn’t stay indifferent to these problems. With our parking guidance systems we contribute not only to saving your gasoline and nerves, but also to saving the environment! This is the best reflection of our Green Vision implementation!

You can enjoy the most innovative Single Space Parking Guidance System worldwide!


Employing CIRPARK – the innovative Parking Guidance System – will allow car park owners to help their customers find their way to a vacant parking space quickly and with no stress:

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