Bay Avenue

Business Bay, Dubai, UAE

Number of spaces:

Parking Management Systems


Parking Management
Parking Management Systems
Technical Maintenance


Bay Avenue is a unique retail destination that is home to a variety of dining, services and essentials. Adjacent to the central business district of Downtown Dubai and overlooking Bay Avenue Park, Bay Avenue is offering stunning views of the city and Downtown Dubai.

GreenParking has been managing Bay Avenue car parks since 2016. Since introducing the paid parking, we have increased visitor footfall by 70 %. Bay Avenue consists of 5 different car parks with 997 parking spaces. Each car park has a different purpose to serve the area they are in the vicinity of. A price differentiation was introduced for the visitors of the car parks as well as allocation of spaces for tenants of the Aspect Tower and retailers surround the area.

GreenParking has equipped this prime location with Parking Management Systems, providing technical maintenance to the facility. We have a full and comprehensive understanding of parking equipment and systems. Our team of highly skilled technicians are always on call to help with any issues with the equipment and parking systems. Additionally, we offer preventative maintenance services, in which we regularly visit the facilities to ensure that all equipment is running perfectly. This not only prevents future issues, but also prolongs the functionality and lifespan of the equipment.

GreenParking has also introduced a unique and innovative concept to Bay Avenue project – the GreenParking validation concept that is the only one of its kind in Dubai. We have come up with the electronic validation concept that contains various types of validation suitable for diverse scenarios. Different terms and conditions were carefully chosen for each specific case and car park.

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