Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort

JBR, Dubai, UAE

Number of parking spaces:

Parking Guidance Systems
Customer Service Desk
Cahier Booth


Parking Management
Parking Guidance Systems


GreenParking has been operating the small visitors parking at Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort since October 2014. To facilitate parking management process, GreenParking supplied directional and information signage inside the car park, including a single-space Parking Guidance Systems as well as implemented the concept of a big wall-mounted entry sign illuminated during the night hours for better visibility.

The main feature of the Hilton Resort car park is the flat tariff rate and the combined entry and exit. To charge the visitors the flat tariff at the entrance, print receipts and allow easy non-controlled exit, GreenParking operators have been using the MobiPark – GreenParking’s mobile automated system for paid parking management. The system consists of the hand-held mobile terminal, portable ticket/receipt printer, and customized software. Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort car park is the first location operated by GreenParking, where the MobiPark system was introduced.

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