Millennium Resort

Mussanah, Sultanate of Oman

EV Charging station
eVolve Smart


EV Charging


The Millennium Resort and Hotel is one of the most luxurious and opulent hotels in the region, catering for hundreds of guests each day. As a hotel, it’s important for them to ensure that EV drivers feel at home when checking in. part of this experience is delighting them with EV chargers that let them charge their vehicles whilst enjoying the facilities that the hotel offers.

We provided accessible, easy to use, and durable EV Charging Stations that cater for all vehicle types. Our high quality charging stations have been hand selected to ensure that they provide the best performance for EV drivers. Our charging stations have dozens of next generation features that are perfect for every kind of parking facility!

We also installed the The eVolve Smart – one of the most innovative design philosophies of all the chargers we offer at GreenParking. This sleek charger is powered through 2 x 22kW AC, and is as robust and durable as it is stylish! It also has great connectivity features to help users get charged up as quickly as possible.

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