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JBR, Dubai, UAE

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The On-street parking at JBR is the first and only on-street managed parking location in the MENA region that works on individual personal service instead of pay-and-display machines.GreenParking has introduced a unique dynamic pricing model that efficiently matches demand with supply. The dynamic pricing model allows GreenParking to control the demand, distribute occupancy across multiple parking areas and provide availability of spaces at prime locations at peak times.

Another unique and innovative concept imbedded into the JBR project is the GreenParking validation concept that is the only one of its kind in Dubai. GreenParking has come up with the electronic validation concept that contains various types of validation suitable for diverse scenarios. Different terms and conditions were carefully chosen for each specific case and car park.

GreenParking is managing more than 120 paid parking, valet and VIP valet spaces for visitors along JBR. The self-parking and valet parking are operated using one of the latest GreenParking’s developments, mobile automated system for parking management – MobiPark. The tickets are issued by GreenParking operators with the help of the MobiPark hand-held mobile terminal and printer.

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