Red Crescent Head Quarter

Abu Dhabi, UAE

EV Charging station


EV Charging


Red Crescent were looking for an easy to install, effective charging station for their Emirates location. They noticed more and more employees, visitors and guests were using electric vehicles, and loved having a place to charge them whilst they parked. We provided EV Charging Stations, along with the amazing WallBox Smart!

We provided accessible, easy to use, and durable EV Charging Stations that cater for all vehicle types. Our high quality charging stations have been hand selected to ensure that they provide the best performance for EV drivers. Our charging stations have dozens of next generation features that are perfect for every kind of parking facility!

Designed specifically for car parks, the 22kW AC WallBox Smart series provides all the features you’d expect from a state-of-the-art charger, along with a number of awesome value adds. It boasts an intuitive user interface display, RFID card reader, smart metering, communication and networking capabilities and much more!

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