Sharjah International Airport

Sharjah, UAE

Number of parking spaces:
Arrivals – 300
Departures – 350
Long-term parking – 150
Staff parking – 500

Parking Management Systems


Technical Maintenance
Parking Management Systems


Entry and exit stations and high-speed barriers were supplied and installed at Sharjah International Airport by GreenParking to facilitate the everyday massive flow of traffic.

The Parking Management System features the innovative read-and-write ParkChip technology that helps to save paper and trees and to cut down on consumable costs.

This huge car park with a turnover of more than 3,000 cars daily has 13 entrances, 10 exits, 12 automatic pay stations also supplied by GreenParking. Our maintenance service technician was allocated to the airport parking technical assistance room for constant onsite technical support provision.

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