Al Bandar (Abu-Dhabi)

Al Bandar (Abu-Dhabi)2017-11-17T15:00:30+01:00

Project Description

Al BAl Bandar is a home of to modern apartments and duplexes, loft-style residences and large family apartments. GreenParking is managing the Visitors Parking and the Tenants Parking on 24/7 basis for this center point of Al Raha Beach development.

In order to optimize the operations of Al Bandar car park, GreenParking supplied and installed exit and entry stations featuring eco-friendly Parkchip technology, as well as high-speed barriers. The visitors are taking Parkchips to access the car park, whereas the tenants are using their access cards that are readable with the installed long-range readers.

Al Raha Beach Development, Abu Dhabi

Number of spaces:
200 Visitors Parking slots, 650 Tenants Parking  slots

Parking Management System

Parking Operations, Equipment Supply & Installation

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