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Project Description

Bahar sector at JBR is home to such popular Dubai destinations as Ramada Plaza and Hilton The Walk. GreenParking is managing more than 80 paid parking spaces for visitors inside the car park on a 24/7 basis. Guidance inside the car park has been optimized not only by installing the customized GreenParking-design signage, but also by supplying the single-space parking guidance system based on the work of combined ultrasound sensors.

Apart from offering self-parking, GreenParking aspires to increase the value of the car park by introducing valet services at Bahar.

The self-parking and valet parking are operated using one of the latest GreenParking’s developments, mobile automated system for parking management – MobiPark. The tickets are issued by GreenParking operators with the help of the MobiPark hand-held mobile terminal and printer.

Dubai JBR

Number of parking spaces:

MobiPark, Parking Guidance System, Customer Service Desk, Operator Booth

Car Park Management, Valet Parking

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