Business Central Towers

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Project Description

Business Central Towers is one of the first parking management projects launched by GreenParking more than 6 years back under the BOT concept. Not only we supplied the paid parking system equipment and barriers, but also have been successfully operating the Visitors and Tenants car parks. Along with the main signage installed at the car park entrance, the space counting system was implemented to show the availability of spaces at the Basement Level allocated for visitors.

Long-range readers allow for the entrance and exit of the building tenants. For the ultimate parking experience, GreenParking team is offering Valet services available at the towers service road. The drivers that go for sustainability and care for the environment have an opportunity to use the Green Car Wash Services at the car park.

To raise the revenues and to add value to the car park, GreenParking is offering LED box advertising inside the BCT parking facilities.


Number of parking spaces:
more than 2,500

Car Park Management System, Barriers, Customer Service Desk, Operator Booth

Consultancy, Car Park Management, Valet Parking, Green Car Wash, LED Box Advertising

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