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Project Description

SME Business Village is home to many governmental institutions. GreenParking supplied its Parking Managamenet System and Parking Guidance system for the car park with more than 1000 parking bays.

Challenges successfully met by GreenParking:

  • Separation between Visitor and Tenant Levels was very difficult – GreenParking system makes sure that employees and tenants park in their dedicated lots only
  • The car park has 2 entry & exit points only, exit lane areas are too narrow – GreenParking system is EXTREEMLY RELIABLE, especially with respect to the parking access media used, it also guarantees VERY FAST transition times when entering and exiting the car park and is extremely DRIVER FRIENDLY

Based on the key features and system requirements the Parking Management equipment consists of the following main components: entry ParkChip dispensers, exit readers, high-speed barriers, automatic pay stations, pay-on-foot machines with credit card options, management station, manual pay station, master intercom.

The installed system features 3-in-1 contactless technologies, which guarantees great flexibility and customer service:

  1. ParkChip technology for visitors
  2. Proximity (low frequency) card readers for tenants and employees
  3. Microwave readers for VIPs

Dubai, Deira

Number of parking spaces:

Parking Management System, Parking Guidance System

Consultancy, Supply & Installation

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