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EV Chargers
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Our wide selection of EV (electric vehicle) chargers are robust, efficient and easy to operate. We offer a range of charging systems for every kind of car park, from residential to commercial – and all of our chargers are compatible with all car manufacturers! GreenParking can help you prepare for the future as more drivers look to park their cars in safe, secure and EV friendly car parks!

Our commitment

At GreenParking, we are committed to offering solutions that address the need for a greener and more environmentally friendly planet. Our offering of EV products is just one part of our initiative to help organizations achieve a more sustainable future.

We are also proud to be the main supplier of EV chargers and software for Dubai Water and Energy Authorities (DEWA) – who partnered with us after noticing the increased demand for EV charging stations in the region. We are confident that by installing EV chargers in your car park, you’ll help contribute to a cleaner environment for all!

Helping your city go green!

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, with more people than ever enjoying the driving experience and low emissions that they provide. At GreenParking, we are proud to be the first organization in Dubai to offer EV chargers for drivers to use across the region.
We predict that the number of electric vehicles in Dubai will greatly increase in the years to come – which is why we offer a comprehensive selection of EV solutions for every type and size of business.

We offer the following EV Charging solutions, all of which are ready for integration with back-office systems via OCPP:

eVolve Smart

A truly innovative design – the sleek 2 x 22kW AC, eVolve charger is robust, durable and boasts great connectivity.


An easy to install charger that’s perfect for domestic and household use.

WallBox Smart

Designed especially for carparks, 22kW AC, WallBox Smart series provides intuitive user interface display, RFID card reader, smart metering, communication and networking capabilities.


An advanced charger that uses Bluetooth to detect approved users and begin charging right away – suitable for home, office and public use.

Master Slave

The most cost-effective solution for multiple charging. The Master – Slave is perfect when multiple chargers are required at maximum energy efficiency, using one master station for control and management of other stations.

Raption 50 Rapid Chargers

A powerful charger that provides 50kW DC (CCS-Combo2 and CHAdeMO) and up to 43kW AC (Type 2). A great all-around charger for highways, petrol stations and much more.

EV Charging Time


Charge Point Management System

Our Charge Point Management System is a state-of-the-art, comprehensive software platform that allows you to manage all of your charging stations and run them exactly how you want! The system optimizes the operation and maintenance of your charging network, alerting you to any issues as soon as they happen. Our CPMS allows you to manage your eMobility scheme like never before, giving you quick and easy access to analytics, reports, infrastructure monitoring and a host of other features including:

  1. Centralized overview/dashboard
  2. Network and Device Status
  3. Fault Management with intelligent Alerting strategies (SMS, email)
  4. Remote Management – control of devices, software update deployment
  5. Access Control and management through card (RFID), Smartphone App or SMS options
  6. Roaming and Interoperability though Open Clearing House Protocol (OCHP)
  7. Billing & Revenue generation – tariffs, payment systems and accounting
  8. Mobile application
  9. API for integration with 3rd party systems
  10. Cloud based or hosted solution – complies with UAE government requirements for ICT systems

Why Us

We have led the eco-friendly revolution in the UAE for quite some time. As the first car park solutions provider to introduce EV chargers into our product offering, we’ve always looked to the future.

The environment means a lot to us – we want to make sure that we do everything we can to help Dubai and the UAE become global leaders in sustainability.

With an increasing number of people across the UAE driving electric vehicles, equipment like EV chargers are becoming more important and necessary. GreenParking has a long history of caring for the environment and we are always looking to share our passion with clients who are interested in making their car parks greener and cleaner. Get in touch and find out how you can adopt this technology into your facility, helping both your customers and the environment!

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