• MobiPark

    The easiest and fastest way to park!


One of the most exciting advancements in parking technology, our MobiPark system eliminates the need for entry barriers, exit barriers and ticket machines. Using a hand-held mobile terminal, our car park operators can issue tickets quicker and easier than ever before. Each operator has unique log in details that ensure transparency and accountability for each transaction, leading to greater security and a more efficient payment solution.
The system can record both the entry and exit of a vehicle, the parking duration and even take photographs of the number plates! MobiPark is a comprehensive car park management solution that is perfect for traditional car parks and valet services. The system also provides you with customer habits and parking frequency, allowing you to give your special customers some VIP treatment.
There simply isn’t an easier way to manage your parking!

MobiPark Components:

1. Terminal
2. Mobile printer
3. Management cloud software

MobiPark can be used in the following modes:

Simple Parking
Keep it simple – a fixed parking fee tariff is provided to customers when they enter the car park.

Standard Parking
More control – a barcode ticket is printed for the customer upon entry, with the customer paying for the duration of their stay upon exit.

Advanced Parking
More secure – A customer’s vehicle is photographed upon entry, with the licence plate and entry time recorded. They then pay for the duration of their stay upon exit.

Valet Parking
Keep it classy – Customers pay for their parking at reception, and the car will be brought to the customer upon exit.

Some of the advantages of adopting the MobiPark system include:

  • No permanent equipment required to operate
  • Battery operated – no need for access to electricity
  • An offline mode allowing for full functionality in areas with poor network coverage
  • Easy analytics, helping you gain insight into revenue and usage
  • Versatile – perfect for standard car parks and valet services

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