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Our Case Studies – Overview

JBR On-street
and Off-street


The concept of JBR is unique as there is no other district parking existing in Dubai, where the whole area is combined together, open to the public and not limited to one developer. The biggest innovation of JBR is the merge of various car parks in one district, where GreenParking is able to redirect the traffic in times of high volume from one parking area to another.
GreenParking has introduced many innovations that have positively impacted the area. To begin with, this is the first and only on-street managed parking location in the MENA region that works on individual personal service instead of pay-and-display machines. Its success is due to the thorough analysis of the area and the development of the in-house software and handheld units to specifically manage the district parking spaces.

Secondly, GreenParking has introduced a unique dynamic pricing model that efficiently matches demand with supply. The dynamic pricing model allows GreenParking to control the demand, distribute occupancy across multiple parking areas and provide availability of spaces at prime locations at peak times.
Another unique and innovative concept imbedded into the JBR project is the GreenParking validation concept that is the only one of its kind in Dubai. GreenParking has come up with the electronic validation concept that contains various types of validation suitable for diverse scenarios. Different terms and conditions were carefully chosen for each specific case and car park. Multiple discount systems are available to use in JBR including:


validation with the use
of GreenParking validators

Pre-sold vouchers

for on-street parking

Discount stamps

in GreenParking operated hotels

Lastly, GreenParking has introduced a pick-up and drop-off service with GreenParking buggies in cases where customers were redirected from their preferred car park to another car park for various reasons. The traffic redirection is possible only if one operator is effectively managing the whole district, which is the case with GreenParking at JBR.


Before GreenParking operated at JBR, vacant spaces were extremely challenging to find and those who were parked there were not contributing to revenue at JBR outlets as they were occupied all day by workers and beach-goers. In addition, off-street parking options were not sufficiently highlighted or visible to visitors. As a result, the asset owner and the tenants were not able to generate value from this prime location. Today visitors have an option to park in more than 1,000 GreenParking spaces available at JBR, whereas before capacity was limited to 100 spaces only.
GreenParking has vastly improved the customer experience, substantially enhancing revenues and creating new revenue streams for its partners. In the past year GreenParking has increased the footfall by 52%, thus delivering additional customer to JBR outlets. The dynamic pricing ensures that in prime locations at peak hours there is an availability of spaces. At the same time, surrounding parking areas with low occupancy now have higher utilization rates. This means GreenParking is accommodating additional visitors to JBR without adding to the congestion in the prominent areas. In addition, redirecting the customers from one place to another increases the overall capacity of the area.

One unique achievement in this regard is the utilization of GreenParking buggies that allows the facilitation of 20% more visitors that otherwise would have missed out on their preferred destination.
GreenParking believes it is absolutely essential to invest in the branding of its car parks. The unified corporate design of GreenParking signs all over JBR is recognizable by its customers, which makes it easy to find GreenParking anywhere in the district, resulting in the increase of footfall. Moreover, not only the design, but the clear tariff format and placement of the proper signs make the whole area more structured.
GreenParking is proud to have been able to consider all requirements and interests of stakeholders, retailers, tenants, residents, short-term and long-term parkers. Leisure districts like JBR has a lot of retailers and restaurants that should also be considered in the equation. GreenParking has created a thorough tariff plan for each car park that gives an option to pay flat fee for long-term stay and an hourly-based fee for short-term stay, thus providing attractive options for any target group.

Furthermore, GreenParking has services for any customer requirement, whether it is for VIP or regular customer, on-street, off-street or valet parking. GreenParking has successfully created a network consisting of car parks for each interest.GreenParking would not have been able to satisfy the needs of customers and outlets without creating a unique and varied validation concept. This concept offers free or discounted parking for those who have satisfied a minimum spend at participating outlets, which makes these outlets more attractive to JBR visitors. The average spend per visitor becomes higher as customers aim to at least meet the minimum spend to gain free or discounted parking. This directly influences incremental revenue for the outlets and asset owner.
All of these achievements combined translates into more availability of spaces, more accessibility to JBR and more parking options for end-customers.
In the near future, GreenParking has committed to implementing a fully integrated district parking guidance system at JBR as well as subsidizing existing parking rates in GreenParking operated car parks. This will substantially enhance the accessibility and experience for JBR visitors further and cement JBR’s reputation as the number one leisure destination in Dubai.

Benefits include:

  • Provision of additional spaces
  • Increase of alternative routes
  • Information of space availability before entering JBR
  • Online access to space availability
  • Reservation of spaces


For the past 2 years, the number of car parks in JBR has been constantly growing. GreenParking has added more and more car parks into its web, absolutely proving that the system works and can gradually grow towards the neighboring areas, potentially Marina district. In its entirety, this advanced concept is applicable to any area in a different part of Dubai that is similar to JBR where there is a complex mix of on-street and off-street parking possibilities, limited internet connectivity and power supply and a diverse range of stakeholder’s needs to be simultaneously met.

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