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Dubai is on its way to become the Smart City of the future. Influenced by the Green concept and committed to the cause, GreenParking is honored to be DEWA’s partner for the Green Charger Initiative launched by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. As part of social responsibility, GreenParking has decided to support the UAE Government and the Green Charger Initiative to provide free charging for Electric Vehicles until the beginning of 2020 by introducing its own private network of Electric Vehicle chargers. Currently, over 400 charging points are supplied and installed across the UAE and Oman.
The chargers of the GreenParking Electric Vehicle Charging Network are delivered and installed free of charge by GreenParking at strategic locations all the way from Abu Dhabi through Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah, Al Ain, Fujairah, Ajman, Sharjah, Umm Al-Quwain up to the capital of the Sultanate of Oman, Muscat.
These chargers will be for free for private individuals to make the introduction of Electric Vehicles an even greater success in the UAE and neighboring countries. In this respect, GreenParking is cooperating with Electric Vehicles manufacturers by providing their customers with charging cards to be used with the free of charge Network. As part of its high customer service standards,

GreenParking has developed and introduced a unique software and mobile app allowing drivers of Electric Vehicles to register and receive such charging cards for free. The software and mobile app have an extensive map which displays all the locations of the Electric Vehicle chargers as well as their live availability information, their type and output power. Moreover, the map displays available Electric Vehicle Chargers that can be targeted for interested drivers.
GreenParking partnered up with high-end hotels installing free of charge Electric Vehicle chargers that are value added services to the hotels. Value-added services in hotels like Electric Vehicle Charging attract new high-end and loyal guests – Electric Vehicles owners that are involved in the concept of a green planet. This creates additional footfall, increasing occupancy rate and revenue, as visitors can now choose a hotel that has an Electric Vehicle charger compared to any other hotels. The hotels get statistics on their loyal customers and in a link with the hotel rewards program they can provide extra points and extra service, which in result boosts the guest satisfaction and overall customer happiness. Moreover, hotels can establish themselves as a Green Leader and achieve corporate sustainability goals with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification, charging their corporate reputation. All these enhance and promote a positive brand image.


The electrical vehicle highway between UAE and Oman is the first network to connect two countries in Middle East that has an Electric Vehicle charger every 130 km. GreenParking charging card owners have a flexibility to drive across all the Emirates and Oman. In addition, travelers can now conveniently charge as GreenParking Electric Vehicle charging stations are compatible with ALL Electric Vehicles and are simple to operate.


GreenParking provides a charger for the most sustainable transportation in the world that has 0 % Carbon Dioxide emission. According to DEWA studies, the estimated number of Electric and Hybrid vehicles will reach 32,000 vehicles by 2020 and 42,000 vehicles by 2030, which will dramatically reduce the pollution. GreenParking Electric Vehicle Charging Network helps to accelerate electric vehicle adoption for the creation of smart and sustainable societies. 

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