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WETEX 2018

We thank all visitors for the interest in our products and services at the Wetex 2018 !

Future Link – Future Link – GreenParking is the leading EV Charger supplier in the region, with over 250 units supplied in Dubai and over 50 more in the other Emirates as well as Oman recently. GreenParking is honored to be working with DEWA as a partner for the ‘Green Charger Initiative’ for building the infrastructure for Electric Vehicles.



Moreover, GreenParking has been in the UAE market since 1996. It has been known as the only parking company in the Middle East that represents a one-stop-shop for all parking-oriented products, services & solutions starting from design, consultancy, supply & installation of parking equipment, and up to providing Parking Operations & Valet Parking services.

Thanks again for your interest! We are looking forward to continue our dialogue in the near future.


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