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Single and Mixed-Use Developments

It can often be difficult for property developers and managers to coordinate shared parking areas when there is a number of different parties involved. These parking areas can at times be a mix of commercial, retail and residential. At GreenParking, we’ve developed systems to help harmonize parking operations across the board. We offer bespoke plans that take every aspect of tenant management into account – from space ownership and signage, to validation and payment. We want to ensure that no matter how many parties are using the space, you will always run a smooth and successful operation!


The hotel business is challenging, especially when it comes to parking! With staff, in-house guests, retail and restaurant customers to take into account, things can get pretty complicated. At GreenParking we ensure that your hotel parking facility excels in efficient capacity management, optimal costs, effective revenue generation and five-star service! Having an inefficient hotel car park can have some serious and often hidden consequences – including loss of revenue and poor customer satisfaction. Our Parking Management Systems, along with our valet service and parking attendants can help fulfil all your parking needs. We’ll advise you on how your parking facility can optimize costs, improve customer service ratings and enhance the image of your brand!

Shopping Centres, Souks and Malls

At GreenParking, we work closely with developers and management teams to establish parking solutions that perfectly match their needs. We believe that when it comes to retail, the customer experience always begins and ends in the parking facility – which is why it’s so important to have an efficient and smooth operation coupled with great customer service. We’ve worked with all types and sizes of retail operations, from large malls to small markets and souks. We use our experience to guide you through the best solutions, including parking zones, delivery points, pick up/ drop off points, and parking validation.


Airports are often the most fast-paced and hectic places on earth! With thousands of customers rushing for flights each day, it’s important that their journey begins with the least amount of stress possible. Our Parking Management and Guidance Systems ensure that customers enjoy a stress-free start to their journey, with our operators coordinating space availability, forecourt flow, parking assistance and customer service. In such a dynamic environment, it’s critical to have an end-to-end parking system that is robust, flexible and smart. Parking facilities are also a key non-aeronautical revenue generator for airports, helping get the most value out of your asset while serving the varied needs of both business and leisure passengers. With our services, you can rest assured that your operation is maximizing revenue, whilst optimizing tariffs, pre-bookings, reports and tracking. Airport parking operations tend to be large and complex, with many moving parts – but with GreenParking, you can sit back, relax and leave it to us!

Under-used and Vacant Plots

If you have some unused land, we can help you transform it into a fully functioning parking facility. Parking space is a valuable asset and has proved to be a great investment for landowners and landlords, especially with more and more vehicles on the roads. GreenParking can advise you on how much investment is required and offer you flexible business models thus helping you get the absolute most out of your new venture. We’ve been able to completely transform under-utilized plots into revenue generating assets that can provide you with significant profits, whilst helping the local area. Get in touch and find out how we can turn your vacant land into a thriving business!

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