• What is the GreenParking EV-Network?

    The GreenParking EV-Network is our initiative that aims to make Smart EV Chargers more accessible to the public by installing them in areas such as hotels and shopping centres. These smart chargers are connected to an online platform that allows us to monitor their type, live status, location and more. We believe that by making these chargers easily accessible to the public, we can contribute to a cleaner and greener environment for all!

Connecting you
to the future

We are building an electric vehicle highway by expanding our GreenParking EV-Network between the UAE and Oman, which is the first network to connect two countries in the Middle East – with an Electric Vehicle charger available every 130 km! GreenParking’s commitment to a cleaner future has led us to become pioneers of an advanced EV charging infrastructure that is now used and operated across the region.

a difference

Our smart EV Charging Stations are perfect for hotels, shopping centres, airports and offices. Once connected to the EV-Network, your customers can use the EV-Network App by GreenParking to locate and reserve chargers in your facility. You’ll not only attract new customers to your business, but you’ll also be doing your part to help the environment!

and easy

Customers can join our EV-Network by simply downloading the EV-Network App by GreenParking, registering and receiving their charging card. They will then gain immediate access to charger locations, availability, route planning, ETA’s and energy consumption statistics! The convenience that this brings to an electric vehicle driver is unmatched, as they can find the nearest available charger, check its plug type, pre-book it and then follow directions to it.

Customers can also enjoy:

  • Free charging

  • Unrestricted access to every charger

    in the GreenParking EV-Network

  • Realtime charger information

    including location, availability, status and reservation

  • 24/7 customer service hotline

Our Network

EV-Network: Business Models

We offer two different types of business models if you are looking to connect your facility to our powerful EV-Network:

1. Subscription

Subscribe to the GreenParking EV-Network and receive the EV Charger inclusive of comprehensive maintenance as well as software for free

2. Purchase

Purchase the EV Charger and receive a special rate for the GreenParking EV-Network Subscription inclusive of software and maintenance

Why Us

Our commitment to sustainability has led us to develop the best and most advanced EV Charging solutions in the region. Our comprehensive and robust EV-Network is the best way to connect Electric Vehicle drivers to your facility.

We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that our network brings value to your business. By offering 24/7 customer support, data analytics, statistics and much more, we are confident that joining our EV-Network will significantly improve your parking facility and business.

Our EV-Network is perfect for the leisure industry, with hotels and shopping centres receiving added benefits such as increased promotion, footfall, media coverage and customer satisfaction. With minimum investment from yourself, you can take advantage of all the rewards of having an EV Charger on your premises. Your business will attract a new demographic of EV drivers who will definitely choose to visit a location with a convenient charging station. In addition to this, your visitors will choose to enjoy your facilities, like visiting a restaurant for dining, whilst they wait for their car to be charged, thus generating additional revenue streams.

We offer some great business models to help you choose what works best for your business, so get in touch and see how we can help!

  • Joining our EV-Network will provide a host of benefits including:
  • Visibility of the chargers on the GreenParking App, helping incentivize customer visits
  • Control of user charge times
  • Customized reports, analytics and statistics
  • 24/7 support hotline
  • An increase in revenue generated by EV drivers
  • Higher customer service ratings
  • An increase in promotion and media coverage of brand and business, including promotion on the GreenParking
  • App as part of our benefits package
  • An increase in brand image through your commitment to sustainability

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