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EV Charging

Dubai is on its way to become the Smart City of the Future and the Center of Sustainable Development. GreenParking supports the initiative to set up ev charging stations for zero-emission electric cars started by DEWA as part of the ‘Smart Dubai’ concept introduced by the Ruler of Dubai.

GreenParking offers a variety of different solutions with regard to EV recharging systems adapted to each kind of car park, whether in one-family homes, communal residence car parks, public and shopping centre car parks, hotels, etc.

GreenParking’s innovative product portfolio has recently been upgraded by pioneering installations of Electro-Vehicle Chargers across Dubai under the partnership with DEWA.

Types of GreenParking EV Chargers

  • Wall Box (AC Slow Charge)
  • Street Post (AC Slow and Semi Fast Charge)
  • Rapid Chargers (DC/AC)

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